Raju Swami specialized in botanical painting. Our studio is particularly famous for Miniature Botanical Paintings specially Trees and Traditional Flowers.

Miniature Botanical Paintings can be Classified in two Major Parts Trees and Flowers, Check Complete Menu Here

Paintings of Tree

Raju Swami is the only artist who makes trees in Miniature style of painting. Generally a tree in paintings is treated as background. In our studio you can find trees as a main subject and with detailed leaves. There are lot of tree and Group of Tree Here.

Miniature Botanical Group Trees
Group of Banyan, Ashoka and Kadamb (burflower-tree)

Painting of Flowers

The other Half of Botanical Paintings is covered by Miniature Flowers specifically Mughal Flowers.

Bikaner School of Miniature art represents flowers in the shape of vase See Example Below.

Traditional Flower in Shape of Vase
Traditional Flower in Shape of Vase

Rest of Miniature Botanical Paintings include various plants painted in miniature style with much detailed work.

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